The Muse Sir:

43. U.G., The Paradox

1) He made me the medium and he the muse,
Torrent like he set the lyrical pen to get loose,
He produces high-voltage current and acts as the fuse,
These are his golden eggs and I the unwitting goose!

2) You have to have a glimpse of the Master to believe,
He will send your senses on a temporary leave,
He subtly separates the visitors acting like a sieve,
A wonder web of attraction he does indeed weave!

3) U.G. knows the script even before it is written,
He plays the perfect role, expecting nothing in return!
He amuses himself with planets like Jupiter and Saturn,
He shines like the brightest sun and we the weak lantern!

4) U.G. says, "I am pushing eighty in age,"
His earthly sojourn no one can presage,
His body is an instrument and not a cage!
It is our bounty to behold such a pineal Sage!

5) His speech is perfection in prose,
Our innermost thoughts he instantly knows!
He rarely allows people to get physically too close,
An unassuming one with a repute that grows!

6) Volleys of questions he answers with patience,
Smart Alecs he rebukes and rations,
He makes fun of doctors and their potions,
He will end by blasting all your notions!

7) Calamity is closely connected with glands,
Swellings he showed me in both his hands,
Pineal and thymus swellings are his magic wands!
A blue spot is the physical proof of the ending of all mortal sands!