Unassuming Sir,

This is:

53. U.G.--Post Calamity

1) After Calamity you rarely fell ill,
I wonder what happened to your powerful will!
Even the tiniest insect you won't kill,
You became the unique guy and no run of the mill!

2) Your movements resemble yogic postures!
Post-Calamity headaches became tortures,
You lost the meaning of all gestures,
You became "Free," roaming the Swiss pastures!

3) You lost the use for a comb after Calamity,
The whole world became for you a single city,
Your body started attracting static electricity,
Very few witnessed this metamorphosis, and that's a pity!

4) You get to stay in some of the best places,
Yet you experience nothing and there are no traces!
"There is no difference in thinking, a behavior between the races,"
That's what you told me, a scanner of faces!

5) Your actions are our only guide,
From your lofty heights you never slide,
The original U.G. long ago died,
What is left behind is simply a hide!

6) You dispel popular notions of liberation,"
You said, "Who is left to celebrate the occasion?"
After Calamity you developed an all-round vision,
You coolly told once that your life has no mission!

7) "U.G. is paranormal" is the truth,
Him I unreservedly salute!
Desires were a passion for him in his youth,
Satiation led to a desireless state, and that killed the brute!