Answering Sir,

This is:

58. U.G.--An Interaction

1) Why are the senses not heeding me?
Am I just a being meant to be?
To garner the answers I am all at sea,
To remain as I am, am I rooted like a tree?

2) Why only a few of us get to glow?
You are the buffer to counter life's every blow!
What is "That" making everything flow!
I must get the answer before I finally go!

3) The Cosmos functions without a flaw,
Even in the jungle there is a law, 
Atheists contend the architect of all this they never saw!
They are in this sodden world about which they jaw.

4) Logic is necessarily a double-edged sword!
In the universe more is hidden than is overboard!
Answers will come once we cross the fathomless ford,
Then knowledge is free and is no longer a hoard!

5) Even to eat we have to move our hands,
"That" cannot be got with a swish of the magic wands!
Slipping away are life's precious sands,
Effort appears a must so as not to return to these lands!

6) U.G., you made a gigantic effort!
Cleansed yourself of all dross and dirt,
We alone must drink to quench the thirst,
Let's not waste time and remain alert!

7) At the very birth, we came out with a cry,
And spend our lives with faces long and wry,
Wants, logic and desires have all got to metaphysically fry!
"That" cannot be got without a Titanic try!