Undoctored Sir,
Every doctor who treated you has left the world! This is:

51. U.G. And Doctors

1) U.G. does not take any medicines,
That's because he never committed any sins,
With disease he plans and every time wins,
At doctors and nurses he broadly grins!

2) He claims the body can take care of anything,
Medicines only interfere and miseries they bring,
At all our theories he takes a calculated swing,
Doctors are very good at creating a vicious ring!

3) Surgeons are better as they at best are mechanics,
Physicians are like witch doctors using ingenious tricks,
Warm water is the one medicine he always drinks,
All this he says with a straight face and at the end mischievously winks!

4) He rises up at the very sight of any "shrink,"
He says they were never ever even taught to think,
He makes huge fun of them as mere pens without ink,
He tells them that mind itself is a myth without a blink!

5) He tells physicians that they have a lot to unlearn,
As all the age-old theories are only fit to burn,
Doctors flaunting their knowledge he shall simply spurn,
Are we only fit to put patients perfectly in the urn?

6) He is famous for the saying, "Mind is a Myth!"
"Thought is your problem." Is that why we writhe?
He says what he says needs no support and remains blithe,
He is an authentic article you can ever be with!

7) Despite all these diatribes we carry on with grit,
His blessings we need so as not to get hit,
When the very cosmos follows his unspoken writ,
We need his blessings to work with our medical kit!