O Griefless Sir,
Grief is the common malady that afflicts most of us mortals. Hence this is titled:

54. U.G. And Grief

1) Why do we grieve when a near one dies?
Is it because of the snapped bonds and ties?
I have certified thousands of lifeless coils to be bidden final good-byes,
Why should it all end in rivers of tears and sibilant sighs?

2) At last U.G. provided the answer all right!
It is the vacuum created by the departed that lands us in this dire straight,
He says it is pure selfishness to miss the dear one's gait,
No catharsis is needed as all of us are sure to be lit alight!

3) Post-Calamity, the Master never experienced grief,
For him bliss comes and goes, with intervals brief,
I am a sensory slave and he the cosmic chief,
Even to hear his dulcet voice is sheer relief!

4) U.G. says only two useful words in English are `Hi' and `Bye'!
He says body is a belief and death an even bigger lie!
Then isn't it a waste of time to clamor and cry?
It is best to say to the departed ones a final bye-bye!

5) His utterances give me an opioid-high
He is free to scan my thoughts and mercifully spy!
No need to keep our faces serious and wry,
In his presence my eyes refuse to remain dry!

6) He gives me an all-knowing look whenever I give the glad eye!
He has captured my imagination, I don't know why?
U.G. is an adorable and unrivaled guy!
To gain his attention we endlessly vie!

7) He is simply a dazzler making me exclaim "O my!" 
Paradox! he is that rare spiritual species who regularly fights shy,
He sees through those who are slippery and sly,
I always urge him to give me a piece of that blissful pie!

8) To write on him is a blessing for my Compaq computer,
O U.G. take me to the unknown, faster than this life's taxi-meter,
You say "The Natural State" is not much sweeter,
In the winters of my life be an unfailing heater!

9) You asked me, "Whom are you describing?"
I don't really know, as ambrosia I am imbibing,
After a long thought, I understood it's you I am divinely bribing,
You must be joking if you say "Sreedhav Sistla" has done all this inscribing!