Sublime Sir,
I thank you for graciously answering my two calls to you in U.S.A.
Yesterday, i.e. the 17th of September, you inspired me to write on "U. G. and Humankind"

11. U.G. And Humankind

1) U.G. has no teachings for humankind,
To the ones who come he can be cruel yet kind,
To the multitude who visit, he says there is nothing called mind,
Most of the times, he puts you through the grind!

2) He is a mass of D.N.A. coils no one can unwind,
A fleeting phantom, difficult to bind,
He silently blesses, but keeps us blind,
One of his kind, with a computer for a mind!

3) A perfect mirror, reflecting our being,
Questions rising and dying with answers flowing,
There he sits, serene and glowing,
Being in his presence is wondrously gratifying.

4) Universal giver accepting no presents,
Treating with equality, both the ragged and the regents,
His glands in sync with the moon's crescents,
The miserly and the haughty he calmly resents!

5) He is so nimble and quick, he leaves us gasping,
Many things he says are beyond my grasping,
A winter sunshine, allowing very few basking,
He pours forth blessings without even our asking!

6) With skin so smooth and eyes that rarely blink,
Lukewarm water is all he will drink,
Says none of us have it in us to hump off the brink,
Between the sublime and the cross he is the real link!

7) People keep harping "U.G., what makes you tick?"
He waxes, "I merely exist, there's nothing mystique!"
"How can it be?" I retort doubly quick,
He is the fire that flames from both ends of the wick!