Unsentimental Sir,

This is:

52. U.G. Beyond Reach

1) To this puny me you are a major boon,
I will lift my life to match your tune,
With you around it is cool even at high noon!
You entered this world the month after June!

2) When it concerns you I am a sentimental fool,
Every visit is enriching and fruitful,
News of your impending visit makes me drool,
In more ways than one to humankind you are useful!

3) I know that you are beyond every verse I write,
What can I do except utter a helpless sigh!
Every line that comes must have that sting and bite,
Either you come to India or to the U.S. I will fly!

4) You are as perfect as they ever come,
Lilting tunes on you I freely hum,
Now I know you are that Vyverjet gem!
You are that "natural" stick and I the happy drum!

5) My entire being you constantly haunt,
With gratitude in my heart, your photos I flaunt,
You warned me that even "Liberation" is a want!
Then what are you going to finally grant?

6) Your ears are elephantine, that's why hair covers them!
That very sound of silence from those ears stem,
You are infinite clothed in a body, please make me its hem!
Clean my body of impure flesh, fluids and phlegm!

7) Fame came to you and left you composed and calm,
You kindly extricate me from life's regular jam,
For all of life's rubs and gashes, you are the soothing balm,
With you at my helm, through life's rapids I shall ram!

8) You prefer to stay in valleys and farms,
In your presence there are no alarms,
Your photo is the shelter before all of life's storms!
Your hobby is to easily read a person by glancing at his palms!

9) You are above universe's every rule,
You are both the stick and its ferrule,
You have made a medium out of a mule,
In mid-summer heat you can remain perfectly cool!