Priceless Sire,

This is:

45. U.G. In His Elements

1) All of a sudden you have become my background,
All the while I was going round and round,
In your ethereal presence I hear "That" booming sound,
By shackles of devotion to your feet I am singularly bound!

2) To understand who I am has become a passion,
To most people it appears odd and out of fashion!
To me "That" is life's ultimate destination and deserves no procrastination,
Only you have it in you to instill or dispel that notion!

3) To your dashing Eminence I joyfully salute,
As you do the magical playing on my body, the nine-holed flute!
To me U.G. represents the ultimate and the absolute,
There you sit like a satiated cat, demure and cute!

4) Curiosity seekers silently get the boot,
Double-crossers you smilingly shoot,
To eternity you are the direct route,
This world I no longer want to pollute!

5) In the vastness of spirit, I am just a boy,
To give the ultimate you, I, persistently annoy,
You escape saying it's not there, acting coy,
In worldly matters I am drowning, U.G., please be my buoy!

6) From no one you expect loyalty,
Who is inside to expect, O Divine Royalty,
To be separated from you is life's ultimate penalty,
You should have been many, instead of one and that is cruelty!

7) We are said to be made of the five basic elements,
I with your unacknowledged permission add costly scents,
To hide our innermost thoughts we ignorantly erect many fronts,
Thus we heap upon ourselves countless punishments.

8) You, your memories and photos keep me afloat,
Otherwise life will become a meaningless rote,
Filled with gratitude, these verses I quote,
Save me with a berth in your Heavenly Boat!

9) Do you really exist is the question uppermost,
Krishnamurti is gone and U.G. is a Divine Ghost,
I was with U.G., will be for eternity my life's greatest boast,
He is my everything and through life I will effortlessly coast!