Renowned Sir,
The torrent of verses is solely due to your intercession. These are:

21. U.G. In Spate--I

1) I am filled with iridescent delight,
Whenever poems on U.G. come out right,
He is the last one to give any slight,
In matters that matter he gets it right!

2) U.G. is a tough nut to crack,
A difficult person to keep track,
When he puts you through the rack,
He does it with finesse and knack!

3) An interview with him is an exercise in futility,
As he reveals little of utility,
He uses words and phrases with felicity,
His answers leave you reeling with instability!

4) One interaction with him is enough,
For many to walk out in an angry huff!
As he shakes out your beliefs by the scruff,
Dogmas vanish in a puff leaving you titanium-tough!

5) Since one's ability to assess human labor is nil,
Waiters in hotels get more tip than the bill,
Your wallet may get empty and nothing left to will,
The medicine he dispenses has many a bitter pill!

6) In his life he rarely fell ill,
Mumps and orchitis were a test of his will,
To others the pain was intense enough to kill,
The pain left him unconscious, but he got over the hill!

7) The Master is no run of the mill,
His insights leave your spine in a chill,
He bores through your being like a deadly drill,
You end up in one piece, filled with a sensation of thrill!