To the Sir in States,
I have named these verses as:

22. U.G. In Torrent--II

1) On human ego, he lands blow upon blow,
Till the "I" submits and there's nothing left to mow,
He leaves you a nothing, without anything to crow,
Even the final hope should go, then "That" takes over the show!

2) He declares, "I have no one to call my own,"
A gentle giant, scything a furrow all alone,
About him the Unknown is more than what is known!
"That" is all there is, because the "I" has flown!

3) He looks on at people who prefer to moan,
His grandma used to say "You have a heart of stone,"
There he stands silent with his hair windblown,
A myriad pathless wonder he has impishly shown!

4) His very presence gives us a boost and a lift,
To fondly-held notions, he definitely gives a short shrift,
The real seekers and the curious visitors he surely does sift,
To the really thirsty, he is a watery gift!

5) To many he makes a good conversation piece,
The limited few are bereft of any mental peace,
He offers no shade under his evergreen trees,
"Get rid of all wants," as that is the respite for the disease!

6) A vacuum has to be there for things to flow,
Adding on things will one day lay you low,
Giving up desires will make the drudgery go!
And one's life begins to flower and grow!

7) Tamil he likes, the rest he berates,
South of the Vindhyas, spirituality grows in crates,
Nadi astrology he very highly rates,
Psychologists and psychiatrists he surely deflates.