Unmatched Sir,
Today the 10th of October 2000.  Verses on you gushed through me effortlessly. Thank you! These are:

35. U.G. In Words

1) U.G. in words I try to paint with my brush,
Long monologues leave him tireless and fresh,
Never still, ever fast, he looks relaxed and in no rush,
He keeps me plush and free from slush, so the verses flow out in a hush!

2) What prompted me to start all this?
The initiative may be mine but the inspiration is his!
He has to unravel this wonder-filled quiz,
The poems have come because he simply is!

3) The writings on him freely flow,
It is only my hand which is ever so slow,
U.G. has to deal my desires a deathly blow,
So that in the end I blissfully go!

4) Why did U.G. enter into me?
Is it to take me on this thrillful spree, 
I am a mere leaf in his banyan tree,
His lively sap flows through me, setting me free!

5) I am just a kid on the block filled with glee,
With U.G. in me vices and troubles shall flee,
He influences me in every which way, I readily agree,
"Deliver me from this conundrum," is my fervent plea!

6) What did U.G. free me from? 
From dogmas and many a ritual and custom,
He silently pours forth the necessary wisdom,
He calmed me down and oiled the system!

7) Does he believe in Fate?
The very question raises a debate,
Given a choice, he may show me the gate,
The final answer is Silence, even though late!