Creative Sire,

This is simply:

48. U.G. In Words--II

1) U.G.'s words are like thunderbolts,
Reigning in our thoughts, running like untamed colts,
He strikes our fondly-held beliefs severe jolts,
Then follows His lightning of countless volts!

2) My urge to write is a joyful ache,
He gives the cue and I follow in its wake,
This author is only a namesake and has no stake,
U.G. will decide when the Muse will finally break!

3) U.G. shies away from human touch or contact!
I don't know why but it is a fact,
Paradoxically enough, he does attract,
All this is enacted with great finesse and tact!

4) U.G. is mostly composed and serene,
It's not in him to be angry or mean,
When he sees red, he creates a scene, 
Triple cream he eats, yet remains lean!

5) For a person in his position, he is unusually busy, 
He take upon himself to make our lives easy,
But his speech stings and leaves you dizzy,
He is the ultimate champagne, bubbly and fizzy.

6) Like a true Master he has command over all things,
Tradition and beliefs aside he flings,
To grounded air planes he fits new wings,
His words of wisdom in my ears continually rings!

7) He cares for no one either high or low,
When needed he holds back no blow, 
Says "I am pushing eighty," yet agile and never slow,
He is my Lord of the Seven Hills, sans any row!

Dismantle me, brick by brick --- Sreedhav