Captivating Sir, 
What you initiated as a trickle of five sets of poems, 
has now turned into a torrent of twelve. 
I am in ecstasy that the U.G. Muse 
is making me the medium for the outpourings. It is simply:

12. U.G. Mania

1) Who is U.G. and why is he here?
A superhuman perhaps, greater than any seer,
Is he the only one to conquer fear?
You figure out the answer, whichever is near!

2) Why we seek him out is mysterious and not clear,
When he bids goodbye, our eyes erupt, tear after tear!
He targets our thoughts like a homing spear,
A gigantic magnet pulling us lovingly near.

3) I never heard him use the word "dear,"
The one fact that rings true is he is no mortal mere,
His systems are getting younger year after year,
Only he knows why he keeps circling the sphere.

4) Spherical vision he's got, with invisible eyes at the rear,
Does not encourage whispers in his ear,
As even our innermost craving he can easily hear!
Being in his presence fills us with cheer.

5) His frail frame contains the cosmos entire,
Arguing is futile and is like playing with fire,
"Why come to me," he counters, a quote which finds no buyer,
The divisive thought burns his mortal coil as if on a pyre!

6) He is the one to pull us out of this worldly mire,
We are the boats adrift, and he is the pier,
Matchless in his actions, never the one to tire,
Unlit bulbs we are only glowing when U.G. becomes the wire!

7) He is purer than the high mountainous air,
An entity so free he has no care,
He is so pristine we only stand and stare
Tall in stature, rarest of the rare!