Natural Sir,

This is:

55. U.G., The Grand Master

1) Extravagances he avoids by his absence,
He is practical to the core in every sense,
For him, life runs always in the active present tense,
From him we have to imbibe many essential lessons!

2) He says it's just a better memory that makes a genius,
He does not guess as he can separate the glorious from the spurious,
He cares not a whit whether people agree or remain dubious,
"My words are like writing on water," he seriously does confess!

3) Our actions have placed us neatly in this worldly mess,
We are struggling to smile and pay the necessary cess,
We are clueless and only U.G. can make the burden less!
Or are we pawns in this grand game of chess?

4) The gentle U.G. can at times be very terse,
He relentlessly moves forth with no reverse,
The genuinely wounded ones he soothingly will nurse,
He has in his power to put wads in your purse!

5) U.G., you are astrologically in the period of Mars,
Though beyond it, you enact the farce,
You transcend all forecasts, planets and stars!
You blame my Uncle and not the stars for all of India's wars!

6) You have no desires and your needs are sparse,
You condone everything except drinking and the bars!
Your speech is attractive and never on the ears it jars,
In India you prefer traveling in my Uncle Sistla's cars!

7) You patiently answer many telephone calls,
You are in a state beyond any falls and is never false!
You become like a child when in shopping malls,
Yet around you are unscalable and mysterious walls!