Respected Sire,
The torrent of verses inspired by you is raging. 
At 7 P.M. Indian time I tried to contact your California address, 
but "Nobody" was answering the phone. This is:

15. U.G., The Master

1) With U.G. life is an unforgiving school,
Yet people wear blinkers and begin to drool,
I prepare myself to be calm and cool,
Ultimately, who is the wise and who is the fool?

2) U.G. is the perfect teacher,
To deny it is in his nature,
He is no ordinary creature,
I wait for his radiant overture!

3) Misbehavior can lead you to wear a denture,
Because no one can escape his censure,
Killing the inner "wants" is no adventure,
To achieve your ends, he remains the juncture!

4) Aspirants are many, but few get admission,
A fire-rite is a must in every session,
He is the surgeon making the incision,
A "fire in the belly" makes a success the mission!

5) Curriculum is tough and standards sky-high,
Students come to grips only as time goes by,
Quest to be free is the answer to the eternal "Why do you try?"
Only a few fly, the rest left to die!