Drossless Sir,
The longer the wait, the more these flow! 
The world over people are clamoring for your attention! 
Please do visit your country of glorious birth, soon!

47. Waiting For U.G.

1) Waiting for U.G. to arrive is pure pain,
When he knows this he will raise Cain!
The very thought of him is immense gain,
His presence is precious though otherwise people feign!

2) His imminent arrival spreads like wild fire,
As without him we are in straits so dire,
Even the simplest tasks make us easily tire,
He is the real player and we are the willing lyre!

3) But, for U.G., separation is simply not there,
Without him I feel like sitting and absently stare,
He goes through life's motions nary a care,
He bears our burdens not demanding any fare!

4) Like homing birds to U.G. we tirelessly travel,
In every visit new vistas he does unravel,
A born Master even when attached to his mother's navel,
He is both a fountain of radiance and a fathomless well!

5) No one knows when he gets up and goes,
That's how he keeps us all on our toes,
In his presence how my thymus grows!
We sit in peace away from our worldly woes!

6) His favorite words are `Hi' and 'Bye',
The second one we dread to hear and utter a sigh,
We use our logic and pester him with why?
"Thoughts are your undoing," thunders the Universal Guy!

7) When the time comes to say goodbye,
He is ever ready to take off and fly,
We bid farewell and inwardly cry,
"There's nothing to me" is something I will never buy!