Almighty Sir,
30th September, 2000
I am the seeker and you are the answer. A torrent of bliss descended on me one day while meditating on the same couch which you used to cat-nap at my Uncle's (The Major) house in Chittoor. It was Ananda pouring down like a torrent, from under which I did not feel like coming out! 
Only later Uncle told me the reason behind the inexpressible event. These are the:

25. Who Are You?

1) A visit to him should end your search,
But blind as we are, we continue to lurch,
He watches, with eagle eyes, seated in his perch,
Welcomes us back, nary a snap or a splurch!

2) He declines to be used as a spiritual crutch,
Offers not even a straw for you to clutch,
The one thing he dislikes is another human's touch,
No one dare act with him overly clever and funnily fresh!

3) He exclaims, "Where am I and What am I doing?"
Dismisses the gathering and boards a Boeing,
A peerless seer not caring where he's going,
Right now in Lake Havasu he may be rowing!

4) At well-read treatises he cocks a snook,
Written by acid-heads full of "soma juice" sitting by the brook,
He is perfectly at ease with the con-man and the crook,
Now tells me that Calamity and its aftermath were only a fluke!

5) Psychotics, he says, are very intelligent and sharp;
The only difference is they play a different string on the harp!
U.G. has to disentangle us from the stranglehold of the "Time Warp!"
Who sowed the seeds will reap the harvest, that silences the clamor and the carp!

6) Personal audience he very rarely grants,
Is solicitous even to the tiniest of ants,
A ticking bomb in us he verily plants,
Himself cool as a cucumber above all the raving and the rants!

7) In my dream he gave a pair of golden pens,
They do the writing, me a mere tuppence!
He benefits one and all, even the most dense,
Between us both is an invisible high voltage fence.