1. Being U.G.

1) U.G. is in a state what he calls "not knowing"
to decipher and analyze, is itself mind-blowing!
How lucky we are to even see and be with Him!
Writing about him my eyes are filled to the brim.

2) He eats! But does he taste?
He is fast, but never in a haste,
He looks but does he see?
Talks, yet is silent as only he can be!

3) Bears our burdens with an impish smile,
Regal in elegance ever in full flow like the river Nile,
Caring, yet in words scathing and unsparing,
Fearless to the extreme, in a state beyond daring!

4) Amazing in independence, toeing no one's line,
Handsome like Mohammad, like a vintage wine,
Treats with equal grace every creed and race,
Greets every visitor and subtly changes their ways!

5) Detached yet meticulous in all his deeds,
Secretly addresses all our needs, but tests our greeds!
"Are all these writings about me?" He teases the poor me,
I myself don't know is my answer, as describing U.G. can never be!

--Still-figuring-out Sreedhav