3. The Conundrum

1) In the cosmic sea, I am just a drop,
On the stage called world, a mere prop,
Enacting emotions as if for real,
The play gets over on a pyre or with a burial!

2) Is meditation a means to strike a deal with "That"?
Very few succeed, the rest ending up brutally cut!
Ego-clashes, bodily gashes we lie with desires in ashes,
Most of us get life's whiplashes, with the very few basking in photoflashes!

3) Does earthly effort offer any ultimate prize?
U.G offers no comfort, cutting us down to size!
HE negates the very state of bliss and beatitude,
Offers no platitude, shows no altitude and applauds fortitude!

4) He is a champion boxer, trading punch for punch,
Puts you on the mat, taking you to the very crunch,
In wordy duels he engages, as monologues are a definite "No,"
Encourages you to calmly flow, as he is the one in the know!

5) Why do people cover up their turmoil until they boil?
Restless and ruthless, until the end, they shamelessly toil,
I, in a glass house, dare to throw stones at thrones,
Insolence, you may say, but I feel the flaw in my bones!

--Sreedhav, with no clones