5. The Difference-II

1) He creates tasty dishes from leftovers,
Has given up onions, oils and the clovers,
Reluctant to sit at a table to leisurely dine,
Eat standing, eat fast and eat little is his line!

2) He claims anybody can do anything to him at any time,
He treats equally the Judge and the one accused of the crime,
He says for Him there exists no point of reference,
Between Him and us that is the essential difference!

3) He has stopped entering any ashram or temple,
The exact answer does not appear to be simple,
He is already there, is my assumption,
Is he a mortal mere to seek any redemption?

4) Whatever task he undertook, he saw to its end!
Ate without salt for years on end, at a holy man's command,
One deciding day He went to see that man on an errand,
Saw the same man gobbling pickles and rice using every hand!

5) He never called his grandees with love and affection,
He Xeroxed question papers, and distributed them without deception,
When asked to give a reason for leave, he famously wrote, "I do not like school!"
Never anxious, ever alert, always wise is our U.G. the mister cool!

--U.G.'s tool, Sreedhav