4. The Difference-I

1) You operate dissimilar from us, is for all to see,
I am in a wall-less prison called thought, with no key!
You stay serene, a pied-piper on this world screen,
While I battle on, battered like a U.S. marine!

2) You were the chosen one right from the start,
A "yoga-bhrastha", born to fulfill your natal chart!
Your life blossomed and U.G. "The Guy" emerged!
With experiences many, you wound up totally purged!

3) Your thoughtless state is unique, to say the least!
For us thoughts are the fulcrum and the feast!
I tried to attain thought-control, without success,
U.G. says that "want" is the reason for all the mess.

4) You have no investment in what you do!
Thus to you neither diamonds nor dirt accrue!
"I am ready to go this instant" is his state,
A Grand-master extraordinaire, no one can checkmate

5) You are beyond the why and how,
A lonely furrow you superbly plough!
You offer no hope unlike any sage or the pope!
Along with you, from this planet I wish to elope!

--Sreedhav, groping for the rope