6. The Stance Of U.G.

1) All human cells have inbuilt intelligence,
They just function, not bothered about the tense,
Cholesterol, if low, can lead to cancer and suicide!
U.G. has triple-cream all the time, but don't take Him as your guide.

2) Day time he is unavailable on the phone,
At nights he travels in an unknown zone!
The body he wears is taken on lease,
He only knows the time and place of final release!

3) U.G is the personification of immaculate balance,
In perfect rhythm with the cosmic cadence!
59 minutes before the final call, all sensations cease,
What a conundrum before the earthly release!

4) For his own kids he shows no affection,
And no one can escape his benevolent dissection!
Says genius is mostly instant recall coupled with great memory,
For social misfits he is the gentle infirmary!

5) He tests your attitude and puts you on the edge,
Told me not to bear any grudge and not to sledge,
Uses all means to assess if you are morally brittle,
Hits you like a shuttle until you prove your mettle!

--Sreedhav, a shuttle