7. The U.G. Beyond Us

1) He exists in a body cage for all to see,
The one inside is U.G. we all agree,
He is definitely different is apparent to us,
In unraveling that mystique lies the very crux!

2) He says the thought apparatus in him has lost it's hold,
Then what is it that operates and keeps him from the final cold?
I say he is God, you say he is anything but that!
I prostrate before him! You feel I am a traditional nut!

3) Analyzing him, each one believes his conclusion is right,
With assumptions and presumptions galore, we all fight!
To me he is no human but an alien assuming our form!
Is it why in every phase of his life, he deviated from the norm?

4) Aspirants retire to caves to crave for the elusive "That"
U.G. entered the cave to flush out that culture's oppressive lust!
I am bold to say that most of his talk is above my understanding!
In His presence I am no longer demanding, just a statue standing!

5) "Meditation will damage the body chemistry," he warns,
HE adds, "all experiences are thought-induced and are mere yarns,"
Looks like I am in a black hole and he the only light,
What is beyond our know may even give us a fright!

--Sreedhav, fighting the night