8. The Ubiquitous U.G.

1) He is a welcome virus all round the world,
Ever high, at full mast, he is universe's flag unfurled,
A torrent of life's waters is the mighty U.G. when in full flow,
Flattens our ego like a hammer smith landing blow upon blow.

2) A glimpse of him, the previous you is dead and gone,
A skillful surgeon, he removes every poisonous thorn,
Infiltrates your conscience, every living second,
Repairs your spiritual engine only when beckoned!

3) Tragedy is, he denies access, only allowing a select few,
Essence is silence; just to be in his presence is honeydew!
Only ten guys got the nod to write on this escape artist,
Count me in or out, I the mere fingers and he the writer's wrist!

4) Round the world his name and presence reverberates,
He dictates the dates, closes the gates, and alters our fates!
His presence misleads, as he encompasses the limitless space,
With a glowing mien, he subtly sets the pace of your life race!

5) One day he pounded into me, "All is unity and everything is one"
"No differences exist," set aside your vanity, your job is done.
His poise, his threnody of voice, speaking without choice,
I rejoice, weathering his ploys, seeing the melody in the noise!

--Sreedhav, one of your boys