9. The Ways Of U.G.

1) You clean the clothes and wash the dishes,
Things around you happen as per your wishes,
You switched off my questioning mode,
When I realized that U.G. is the end of the road!

2) "Access denied" is the dreaded sentence,
Thus between him and others is erected a fence
Never the one to postpone any task,
Penetrates the real you hiding behind the mask!

3) You say even exercising is a sensual want,
"Too much of it will kill", you constantly taunt,
With the Sunrise, you appear sparkling and sprite,
By Sunset, our dogmas in pieces, we flee in fright!

4) You have long discarded the comb and the mirror,
Right from the womb you never succumbed to terror,
Your travel bag is getting smaller and lighter,
Why did you make me a spontaneous writer?

5) The ways of U.G. are unique and have their own flair,
For the one who jets around, there is no permanent lair,
Long back in Paris he held cookery classes for the lasses,
My uncle Major Sistla's uppuma is the one dish that never passes!

--Sreedhav, ever swaying to your beat!