20.  U.G.'s  Senses

  1)  The unblinking eyes of U.G. are a sight to behold,
They are twinkling and merry and never ever cold,
Says eyes are not the only entries of light,
It enters the entire body with eyes shut tight!
2)  Mortals spend breath to make even a sound,
U.G. is lungless whenever he speaks unbound,
The mighty one is breathless in his speech,
How he does it is beyond any science's reach!
3) Humans use a narrow band to listen,
Utterances are all we hear in this bodily prison,
U.G. the unfettered bird receives all vibration,
Hears with equal felicity anything in this mystical creation!
4) Says sweat is the best smell and is only a chemical reaction,
Perfumes only an irritation, thus giving me no satisfaction,
The very perception, he avers is not in the nose,
Ends the discussion dismissing the very scent in the rose!
5) In death, touch is the last one to go,
For one who daily dies, he surely does know!
He rarely, if ever, allows anyone to touch,
Vehement that what he says needs no crutch!
--Sreedhav, back in his spirits