28.  U.G.'s Words

  1)  He affirms that a dialogue is never possible,
As you listen only to yourself and that's the trouble!
Says, "All debates and discussions are acts of violence"
Then, what's going on? A disruption of sheer silence!
2)  We are different from him as we continuously think,
In him, the thought structure has no longer any link!
Counting beads, reaping weeds, we cater to our greeds,
Disunity breeds only hateful seeds and the essential I bleeds!
3)  Says humans are the intruders and the animals suffer,
He never quotes any text, dares everyone with no buffer,
Tells the insects, "Go! Go! Bite the holy man there, but not me!"
In jungles of concrete or of lovely green trees he is equally free!
4)  Unprovoked, he seldom starts to talk,
Saying, "Why do you make this dog to bark?"
With him any topic under or over the sun goes,
As he talks the power of true conviction shows!
5) He vouches that pain is the greatest healer,
Let the body deal with it, says our ego-peeler,
He has no conflict with the world's goings-on,
From Sages to starlets, speaks our cosmic don!
--Sreedhav, eating popcorn