26.  U.G., Alive

1)  There stands "The Man," a being in fission,
Admonishing the ones who gain admission,
These verses on him I lovingly render,
He is the Alphonso and I am the vendor!
2)  With a leonine mane, he wields an unseen cane,
Flaming Butane, he makes my thymus wax and wane!
An ace with no base, with nothing to call his own,
Sets a scorching pace, never resting at a place, a bird already flown!
3)  "Breath is all there is," is his famous quote,
In the rough seas of life, he keeps me afloat,
Being in a state beyond knowing, he is all poise!
A teacher ex tempore, in his school we are all boys!
4)  From this earth's tyranny, he only can unchain us,
Only he can change our tunes, forever, with no fuss!
Torrents of wants and series of desires plague our lives,
We lust as if we must and trust U.G to remove these poisonous knives!
5)  He engineers situations around him with ease,
Says, shut up and live and there's no need for a release,
In my life of travel, he chastises me for the extra luggage,
In myriad ways he is my guide, the savage sage!
--Sreedhav, coming of age