27.  U.G.--Eminence Grise

1)  He comments that our freedom is limited,
Our life's script already written and edited,
Yet he is neither a fatalist nor otherwise,
Never negative, definitely listens to our cries!
2)  In his presence my system quickens,
Dismisses us all as frightened chickens,
Says all that matters is the silent sound,
Next in order are the dollar and the pound!
3)  I wait with patience for you to silently beckon,
Not nervous, I reckon  "like a paranoid American,"
Haunted by memory and noiseless sound,
 I am yours, hands and feet pleasantly bound!
4)  Without you, we dart around as if in a hazy mist,
Waiting for you to bring us around with your reality fist,
Can human effort erase fears and tears once for all?
He says "No," you won't let them go till the final call!
5)  What is the purpose of your earthly visit?
Waiting for the elusive answer I silently sit!
You are a shaft descending from an unknown dimension,
You choose to remain beyond human comprehension!
--Grasping-at-straws Sreedhav