21.  U.G.--The Effects

1) With fear-filled hearts, to U.G, people tread,
As hearsay fills them with confusion and dread,
The inputs of culture give comfort and nothing else,
He removes all supports and casts his enchanting spells!
2) He releases you from habits unessential and ritual!
As blind belief will only benefit the pseudo-spiritual!
He tears apart the veil separating the god-men and you,
With all secrecy, mystique and hype gone, you get the real view!
3) He made me give up habits the world considers as bad,
Your potential, blossoms and blooms and isn't that rad!
His actions, the epitome of virtue and speech, is freelance,
Follow his actions, pure and true; listen to him askance!
4) His effect on you is subtle but sure, if you can endure,
His treatment is worse than the disease, but it will cure!
He declared, "Desires are the root cause of your misery,"
He told me never to nurture grudges, use a pessary!
5) Around him is an aura of peace, if you are receptive,
"Eat only the sugar, touch not the sand"--he is deceptive!
I personally feel he is the very God, bodily clad!
In this ageing vessel, he is ever there and boy am I glad!
--Sreedhav, U.G.'s middle-aged lad!