22. U.G.--The Facets

1)  In his childhood, stood apart and tall,
Youth, he spent in marriage answering sex's call,
Toured the world as theosophy's preacher,
Disciplined himself as the world's sepulcher!
2)  To make his son walk, he toiled no end,
His son's death, he conveyed calmly to every friend!
Did Gayatri for decades even in classrooms,
Flushed out culture forever, with Himalayan brooms!
3)  The U.G. we see today is dead and gone tomorrow,
After the "Calamity" he became immune from sorrow!
Told me that bliss comes and goes with memory no more!
Eats when blood glucose dips, has warm water, our triple cream store!
4) Has more facets than Kohinoor and the Jacob diamond,
We get to see the very few and we stare in awe, stunned,
Goes round the world to answer every country's call,
He, a nature's child, enchants and haunts the one and all!
5) Is equally at ease with the sinner and the saint,
Tackles unruffled, the dominant and the faint,
Describing the facets he chose to show this lonely writer,
Happy in the fact that all this makes his life brighter!
--Sreedhav, ever the fighter