23. U.G.--The Imponderables

1)  Isn't the supreme, omnipresent and all knowing?
U.G.'s state of  "not knowing" is mind-blowing!
Recorded history gives no clue as to such a state,
Beyond time and place, he toys with space and fate!
2)  How he functions with precision is baffling, but true,
His five senses separate, with the world he's through!
To the casual onlookers, he is just another elegant man,
But don't I know, with his vision, our lives he can scan!
3)  To the seekers few, he is a river with cool green banks,
With him on my lips, I get ready to face life's spanks,
Pained and shamed at first, I will end up slaying fright!
That's the only way to paint my present, bright all right!
4) In bed, fetus-like, eats infant-like and uses no mike!
With him around, life is simple, usually a sunny pike!
Why he flies is a question, but he sure likes the snow,
On Hindu philosophy, a debate with him is always a "No."
5) The desire for meat and a fluid treat in me he rendered obsolete!
No permanence, no occupancy, life is a one-way street!
Only he could say that dialogues are acts of violence,
He is so alive, enriching life; he is perfection in every sense!
--Sreedhav, learning his lessons