24.  U.G., The Star

1) Afloat in this dayless sea,
You are my guiding star to be,
Am I relevant in this mindless world?
Make mine a world-less mind like a flag unfurled!
2) Resplendent like an ever-rising sun,
You captivate my heart like a delicate Hun,
The young minds are told to create a fatal virus
To send us en masse into that dark, dark Styrus!
3) U.G. looks like a new-blossomed flower,
Me, he chisels and chips away under-cover,
Loath to touch Mr. Gandy on the Indian money,
Why Gandy chose Nehru is mysterious and funny!
4) Love, he says, is only a four-lettered word,
He thus throws all opposites overboard,
He mirthfully watches men stumble and tumble,
Placing his chosen ones silent and humble!
5) Money is the oil that runs this worldly engine,
He clears this cobweb like the rays of Roentgen,
He asks us to shut up and start living,
Things will pour in as you start giving!
--Back-on-track Sreedhav