25. U.G., The Unique

1)   As a child you found the wall clock a nuisance,
Neatly dismantled it, showing time's irrelevance
Life long like an emperor, you had your way,
Like a regal eagle you soar, day after day!
2)   You were one of the first Indians to ride a car,
Right from childhood, you were a brilliant star,
Addressing the young and the old alike as "sir,"
With you in the focus, everything else is a blur!
3)   As a lecturer on Theosophy, you raged like thunder,
Inane queries like "Are roses reborn?" ended the blunder!
In matters monetary the Swiss bankers say you are bizarre,
You justify in public floods, earthquakes and war!
4)   After "calamity" your body refused to sweat,
To get "That" you did everything in the quest,
You told me, "You cannot have this and That too,"
I am left with the AC/DC song, "Who made who"?
5) Free! No tensions! No pretensions, no apprehensions
Active, you ride with the tide with no intentions,
A lonely candle, never lit yet ever bright,
Your mercy we seek, you, the blinding light !
--Sreedhav, set alight