16.  U.G., A Mélange

 1) People pry you with questions and doubts,
Dumb bouts with lazy louts end up in stirring shouts!
Some visit you out of curiosity, a few to shed their vanity,
Never to return, back to their cities spiced with insanity!
2) Visitors come to you for a comforting word,
Instead, they find that you are more lethal than a sword,
Treating with equal distinction the mighty and the low,
Mercilessly exposing the shallow and the hollow!
3) They all feel relaxed and cozy before they meet you,
A shattering showdown shows them why they are askew!
To a few, you become a tender guide, halting their slide,
Repairing their flaws, saving them from a bumpy ride!
4) Very few get to know the real you, before their final cold,
Realize that you are precious than diamonds, platinum and the finest gold,
We find you with head in the heavens and feet firmly on the ground,
The select stones you mercilessly ground, but they are few to be found!
5) A single interaction is enough, to shatter notions secure
To this distressed being, you are the healer having the final cure,
In your presence it is best to be vigilant and silent,
As you labor to repair our fraudulent front and mental dent!
--Sreedhav, just an event