18.  U.G., Au Courant

1)  Dressed in trendy white, no orange in sight,
Tasted all 365 cheeses in France, what a plight!
No scriptures, Vedas or hymns, for support, he quotes,
As he is not your spiritual politician, out to garner notes!
2)  Life is a thorn-strewn path with very few roses,
We are hypocrites with bloodied noses, tricking happy poses,
U.G. is with the times and chic, telling me to pick a chick!
In his youth, in Paris and London, he daily saw a flick!
3)  "Thoughts arise outside of you," is his strident stand,
"Control futile, let them flow, there is no magic wand."
Is he a philosopher at all?, I at times ponder,
To typecast and frame him is truly an impossible blunder!
4)  Wherever he is, he has an aura, a mystique and a presence!
He can be precise or toss your psyche for sixes and elevens,
Be sure, if needs be, he pulls you like a super-magnet!
He is a real threat to your ethos, beliefs and ideas preset!
5)  Holy men revel in praise, pedestals and pomp!
U.G. is the opposite, rubbishing it all as drivel and romp,
The orange-robed love to lure and lecture the audience,
U.G. never starts a dialogue, saying it's all verbal violence!
--Sreedhav, buying fragrance after fragrance