19.  U.G. Delights

1)  "Go pick a chick," is his helpful (?) suggestion,
With tongue in cheek firmly in position,
He chuckles "God is a jumbled expression of dog,"
"Eat only triple cream and your arteries will never clog!"
2)  "Jane Fonda had three bypasses despite the jog,"
"Life gets shortened as you slog since it makes you hog,"
"Discover a virus to wipe out the greedy human race."
"They have tainted and tormented this place," he says!
3) He regales the throng with many a tale,
Never stale, half male is this cosmic whale!
Jung and Freud coveted a brilliant female,
She ended it all with suicide, choosing neither male!
4) Reveals that Barbara is the brain behind the Bushes!
Otherwise they would still be sucking thumbs in crèches!
Long back told me about the goings-on in churches,
He looks "I said so" as bishop after bishop perishes!
5) From Brahman to boobs, nothing is taboo to him!
Heckles nutritionists, saying triple cream keeps him slim,
I asked, "Why were you born?" "To kill my mother," He replied,
Saw my palm and, said, "The head line is strong, use it before you are dead!"

--Sreedhav, a passing show