15. U.G. and I

1)  Years are rolling by at a relentless pace,
Make something out of me by your sheer grace,
Here I stand before you waiting for the lead,
Let my greed vanish, reduce what I need or I will bleed!
2)  At your mention, my heart quivers,
Uttering your name, this body shivers,
You take my palm into yours to read,
"I don't know palmistry" is your mischievous creed!
3)  In your absence I go into a reverie and get the blues,
That's when these lines erupt, the muse let loose,
At your very glance, insipid canals become torrential rivers,
At your healing touch, my first-born got rid of his fevers!
4)  How can anyone know the full you?
Open yet mystical, talking but silent, never giving a cue!
You touched my Kutastha, blessed I became,
Filled with you, I will remain only in name!
5) In my short life, U.G. is a dream come true,
With him on my lips, melancholies no longer brew,
One morning, he asked me, "Are you not dreaming now?"
No answer, as the reply was in the question. Wow-wow!
--Tear-filled Sreedhav