11. U.G. And Krishnaji

1)     I know this is pure T.N.T. and Gelatin,
An extraordinary effort to keep the slate clean,
In the beginning the two got along famously,
U.G. was benefiting "the other one" enormously!
2)     U.G had to part ways as he never condoned hypocrisy,
He lives from instant to instant and relaxed yet busy,
Initially towards theosophy, he showed a slant,
Problems galore, as he was always straight and buoyant!
3)     The Master parted ways with J.K. in Gstaad,
Met finally on a pavement each playing a different chord,
Even in cuisine and quantity they everyday differed,
U.G. ate to live and J.K. filled his plate like a lord.
4)     U.G.'s words are sharp and philosophers get their due,
J.K.'s not spared as his talks were pure but actions untrue,
Practice what you preach is U.G.'s clarion call,
The glow on J.K.'s face was due to his having a ball!
5)     He asked J.K., "You only saw the sugar, but have you tasted it?"
"Calamity" set him free and he says things as he sees fit,
He says J.K.'s students either go bonkers or commit suicide,
To me, my two kids' dad, it's either a bomb or a brutal chide!
--U.G.'s Sreedhav