29.  U.G. and Tradition

1)  U.G.'s mother intuitively knew his was no ordinary birth!
His grand dad devoted his life to ensure U.G.'s worth,
U.G., a Brahmin, was taught every Hindu tenet and ritual,
But he found out that all this had a hollow ring and not factual!
2)  He lost the use of the sacred thread and the holy chants,
Repetitions led him nowhere and thoughts never left their haunts,
Swears that "calamity "is acausal and selection is random,
It can occur to a meditating you or to your closest chum!
3)  He calls the sages yonder as soma-juiced acid heads,
On well-beaten paths of tradition he never treads,
Only the sage Agastya interests him a lot,
As Nadi astrology into this world he wrote and brought!
4)  "After I am gone, nothing about me should even exist,"
If we flout his words, we have missed the very gist!
The stink and stench of ashrams is anathema to him,
As it makes the iridescent one's legacy assuredly dim!
5)  Says the best gift will be to erase all memories of U.G.!
How can it be as he fills me and I am his refugee?
He told me "You cannot have this and That too!"
Tradition's vise-like grip is tight, what am I to do?
--Sreedhav (Remove the glue)