12. U.G. In Transit

1) Our inner thoughts are within your reach,
You sense our needs without moving from your niche,
We rush through life fighting worry and in an insane hurry,
You watch our fits of flurry, with lives pointless and remaining a query!
2) With him, you never know what happens next,
As he is beyond the pale of any script and text!
No one dare claim the selfless one as his own,
The volcano will erupt and the selfish get blown!
3) Looks like this world is just a transit stop for him!
Checking out how we are faring, joyous or grim,
He is the cool sea breeze on a hot summer day,
Telling me this is not for real; it's just another play!
4) He is a composition of atoms held together,
What is inside that leather is beyond us, my brother!
Interpretations are galore, but which one is true?
One thing is sure: he is a multi-dimensional brew!
5) He pulls the plug saying all biographies are lies,
The essentials hidden, not written, how very nice!
To get down here, U.G. must have paid a princely sum!
Without Him here, what would I be, except a silent drum!
--Sreedhav (You can't keep me mum!)