Poems on U.G.



By Douglas Rosestone



U.G. and Douglas Rosestone

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1. Quite a Pair
2. Lucky Birds
3. Sage of Hemet
4. The Cosmopolitan Avadhoot

1. Quite a Pair

The activity called U.G.
I really want to know
Is it Shiva dancing
Or is it Shakti's show

When Shiva speaks he quickly shreds
That which we call the mind
Shakti calls you sweetly
She's gentle and so kind

Now as I lay awake at night
The demon often comes
To amplify my troubles
My heart beats like a drum

It's then I'm soon reminded that
Lord Shiva's got a mate
Who for her own reasons
Wants my head upon his plate

In the wasteland of a desert
A creature with no mind
Stop to ask your question
He'll undermine your bind

Admitting you don't really know
You never ever did
What was it you wanted
From yourself this secret hid

When without a conscious effort
The phone is in your ear
Will Shiva pick it up
Is it that your deepest fear

Shakti is the one I hear
At this ungodly hour
Soothing my weariness
With her heavenly power

Magnificent and wondrous
Their most uncanny way
Whatever we expect
You never hear them say

That Shiva will give out a path
It's more like the reverse
If you really listen
You'll end up in a hearse

See Shakti and you soon will feel
Love and true devotion
This in turn will trigger
Shiva's fiery motion

She'll dance and get excited when
He moves in for the kill
Delighted to undo
That which you call your will

They work together skillfully
Presiding over your death
Shakti gives the candy
As Shiva takes your breath

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2. Lucky Birds

There's an oasis
Half way between
The springs of the desert
Los Angeles's scene

Flocking like strange birds
Compelled to fly south
Seeking the food
From his straight talking mouth

Gossiping lamely
Yet gathering strength
For a great journey
Of immeasurable length

Alight on his branches
They listen awhile
To see if he'll kindly
Vilify with a smile

What did you get there?
What did you learn?
Should you depart now?
Is it your turn?

Mulling it over
It becomes clear
Part of you doesn't
Want to go near

Yet there's a turning
Deep it the soul
Without normal caution
You slacken control

The migration beckons
There's really no peace
Staying or going
There is no release

At the oasis
It's felt as a shock
To find that his purpose
Is simply to knock

The world as you know it
All you hold dear
Is but the refuge
Of the "you" it's just fear

Useless he may be
Both tricky and wise
We birds of a feather
See through his disguise

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3. The Sage of Hemet

The sage of Hemet
Alone in his room
Makes an effort to remember
My voice from his tomb

Whatever I'm thinking
It doesn't apply
When I hear him say "Douglas"
I feel ready to die

He says I should come
To his space with no view
An innocent invite
So why do I stew?
A seething confinement
His vibes will renew

Then without warning
Comes a tug at my heart
I find myself yearning
Then falling apart

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4. The Cosmopolitan Avadhoot

Now should you weary of the past
Suspect of all things
Awaiting in the desert is
A fully open Being

The price upon admission is
Not seen as very steep
Until the day your hopes do lie
Deflated in a heap

The process that's been started now
Makes you feel threadbare
Stark naked till the mind forms howl
Seeker's been ensnared

In the ugliness the answer
Where you would not go
Tradition holds no solution
Messages you know

No one knows the course of action
On that fateful day
Transparent now your darkness made
Always is his play

Now traveling incessantly
Yet he is so still
The metal plane a cave in space
Making sharp his drill

Reducing what he needs to bring
Jetter's compact taste
His joy seems endless when he finds
Something to erase

Valentine's magnanimity
Saw the jewel there
And made a place for him to stay
In her Alpine lair

In ages past his ilk most rare
Wandered to and fro
In jungles where no man has dared
Naked just to show

Loosed from shame of separation
Freedom from the lie
Beneath his guise of civility
Open like the sky

For him there is nothing sacred
Nothing too profane
Positions equal in his eyes
Winners and the lame

Simply clothed in his pastel shades
Desert heat conceals
Fire that is burning hot and bright
Hiding what it heals

Dilettantes all want from him
Salve to soothe their pain
Could not grasp the Real one's offer
Nothing to be gained

He unlike the other teachers
Anxious to impress
Waits to see if our real selves would
Obstacles address

A mistake we take literally
"Nothing you can do"
Never stopping for a moment
When he drops a clue

From out of culture's crazy mouth
False ideas have sprung
You must see the past as prison
Spoken by his tongue

Should you truly wish to face this
Lie of separate self
His door is always open wide
Like some happy elf

It's they who have imposed on you
A mirage of tastes
The deeds that you are sowing now
Jumbled such a waste

Indoctrinated holy thoughts
Precious and so dear
Those promises of paradise
Hopes to flee the fear

If you want to understand him
Get beneath the skin
Apply the acid test and ask
Where did he begin

That rarest thing unclassified
Unborn and alone
Nothing else can satisfy no
Image that you hone

Not pleasure nor experience
Able to make blind
Incapable of binding him
Courage did outshine

Cleverness will not impress his
Penetrating gaze
No artifice nor effort touch
He remains unfazed

Reach him on five continents
Waiting to bestow
Honest men who will endure the
Boon becomes a blow

All the rest are only sleeping
On what do they rely
Spending time on empty dreaming
Ideas keep them high

So simple that sophisticates
Do not read the signs
Resplendent in his fearlessness
Beliefs mere set of blinds

Indifferent to their bullshit
Worlds lie at his feet
Only those trusted friends receive
Favor and a treat

Jungles where you come upon him
New York or Bombay
Alone amidst the madding crowd
Then what does he say

This natural thing's not mystical
We have all been conned
Efforts that you still have made the
Unborn is not fond

The Avadhoot has come to us
Dressed in his attire
Unhampered in the market place
Consciousness afire

Kali-yuga is now so dense
Not because of man
The irony the so-called help
Buddha and his band

The saviors of mankind's dead past
Made the same mistake
Presented us a perfect man
Duped we must retake

The Natural State is your birth right
Nothing you must do
Break the mold they have placed inside
Stand free - just be you

--Palm Springs, California, 1996

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