The Mystique of Enlightenment:
The unrational ideas of a man called U.G.


Inner Flap


Here is perhaps the most straightforward, no-nonsense book yet written about that truth which many 'spiritual seekers' are seeking - what most gurus call 'enlightenment', and what U.G. Krishnamurti calls the 'natural state'. U.G. maintains, in this selection from his conversations, that 'so-called enlightenment' is a purely biological phenomenon, that only when we are completely free of culture, conditioning, religious thinking and intellect, can the body, with its own 'extraordinary intelligence', free the human being to be in the natural state. U.G. has been living in this state since the experience he calls the "calamity" happened to him in Switzerland on his 49th birthday. He has since become widely known, both in Europe and in India, as one who speaks with authority on the subject. U.G.'s 'talks' are informal and take place wherever he happens to be. He is no relation to J. Krishnamurti, the famous spiritual leader, whose teachings he once admired, and now considers 'archaic hogwash'. He is probably the most controversial of all the experts in such matters, gurus or non-gurus. He has been called 'outrageous', 'infuriating,'" and a 'prophet of anti-wisdom'.


The Mystique of Enlightenment is a new, unique, invaluable roadside companion for all those on the 'path' or thinking of setting out on it. It tells the inside story of a man who knows the 'holy business' from the ground up, and who reveals in a frank and direct manner how he became 'free' not because of, but despite, a lifetime of spiritual practice.

-- Alice Furlaud.

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