Jef's Nude of the Month is on hiatus.

The WELL folks finally got around to charging for excess bandwidth. As of April 1st they want $0.05/MB for all traffic over 1GB/day. My pages were running at about 1.5GB/day, so the excess charges would have been $750/month.

Furthermore, there is some confusion at the WELL over whether the free allowance is 1GB/day or 1GB/month. The official announcement said the former, but then a somewhat confused staffer said she thought it was the latter. Whatever. At 1GB/month I'd be over the free allowance at about noon on the first of the month, and my excess charges would be over $2000.

Either way, I can do better elsewhere, and I'll look into it. For instance at I can co-locate my own server at their site and get all the bandwidth I want for only $500/month. However, the main reason this page was here in the first place was the utter foolishness of the WELL folks, putting up a web server without the slightest thought about either throttling or charging extra for high-traffic pages. Finally after over a year they have gotten a clue. Good for them. But not so good for us - the Nude of the Month page no longer has a high-bandwidth nearly-free home.

So like I said, I'm looking into alternatives, and it's possible this page will come back in some form on another site. But for now we're off the air. It's been fun. See ya around.

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