1The term `cybertext' will be used more or less in accordance with [1] as a generalized form of machine mediated text without being specific about what type of machine mediated text. Cybertext comprises hypertext, non-interactive machine generated texts, MUDs, etc.

2I am indebted to Rosemary Simpson [personal communication] for pointing out that the visual appearance of embedding of an anchor in the lexia is completely independent of whether the hypertext system embeds links within the text or maintains them externally; this implementation issue is not addressed in this paper.

3The peer-to-peer relationship between user and algorithm is even more pronounced in MUDs and MOOs. We will not discuss MUDs in this paper. For an extensive analysis of MUDs as cybertexts see [1].

4Behavior with respect to composites is still an unresolved issue.

5Regrettably, the hypertext community has not been aware of this work; most of these papers originally appeared in journals not likely to come to the attention of hypertext researchers. There is almost an entire parallel literature on cybertext in French that has intersected poorly, by and large, with the hypertext literature; for a review of the French work see [7].