What Jerod Poore does when not wasting time on The WELL.  Or:
being is doing, albeit sporadically and in a half-assed manner.

Crazy Meds: The good, the bad, and the funny of psychiatric and neurological medications.

Crazy Meds Talk: Interact with the mentally interesting.

The Crazy Meds blog: Site updates and status.  Plus whining about my boring life, endless examples of procrastination, and featuring the ever-growing panoply of stupidity, humiliation, absurdity, surrealism, psychopharmacological geekery, and general whiskey-tango-foxtrotism.

Morons on Message Boards:  Examples of teh InterGoogles' eternal September.  In much need of content.

My Lolz and allegedly lol-worthy pictures.

Let the pills do the talking. Share your inner turmoil with strangers in the form of pithy sayings on a shirt scrawled in our singular Pill Font. The shirts are available in a variety of colors and styles. Why you'd need something other than black is beyond me.

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These days I really spend most of my time watching TV, reading fiction, sleeping, and trying not to let the household chores pile up too much.  Having treatment-resistant bipolar disorder, more-or-less controlled epilepsy, and being on a fair amount of medication to cope with those leaves me with a few hours of functionality each day a few days a week.  As long as I'm distracted I'm not ruminating on how much less my life sucks than people living in Haiti, commercial fishermen in Louisiana, or the parents of a child with West syndrome.