Modem Static Remover

Modem Static Remover


Some iMacs have an annoying feature (i.e., bug) that cause them to switch the sound input source to "Internal Modem", even if you have the modem speaker set to off in the Remote Access control panel. This causes an audible static from the sound output, which is particularly annoying. Switching the sound input back to its original source (such as "Built-in Mic") only works until the next time the modem is dialed.

According to Apple Knowledge Base Article 88055, the only solutions are to turn the sound on the entire computer off (not very useful) or to switch the sound input source back each time you dial.

So, I wrote an AppleScript to do this. Just use it to dial your modem and it will switch the sound back to whatever it was before.

For more on the problem you can search the Apple Discussions or USENET. But this works for me...

I also owe thanks to those who posted AppleScripts related to modems and dialing there and elsewhere. Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions, since this is the first release.

- jfw

What the script does

  1. Displays the message "Dialing modem in 5 seconds...", giving you a chance to cancel (it works well this way in the Startup Items folder).
  2. Tells Remote Access to dial the current connection.
  3. Opens Remote Access Status so you can monitor the connection being made.
  4. Resets the sound input source to its original setting.
  5. Leaves Remote Access Status open so you can Disconnect.




Download Modem Static Remover (14k) as an executable and editable script. This script is Copyright(C) 2001 John F. Whitehead <> and is free under the GPL.

If you want to see what it does or paste it into your own scripts, you may also view or download the script as a text file.


Version 1.0, 25 Sep 2001. Initial release.