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Cockeyed Creations Burning Man
Experimenting here with a way to present stereo images on the screen by simply putting the right and left images in an animated .gif.


Click on each image for a larger version. On slower connections, it will take a minute for the "stereo" jiggle to start

Nancy and Landon's Hearth

Fire makes another lovely effect. In Garrison, New York

Flippant Venus Plunge

From an extensive series experimenting with the water effects in a pool in Mill Valley

Moist and Dry 1

From a series taken in an amazing formation of rocks at a beach near Santa Cruz

Tall Tales: Tulle Tail

From a series taken with stiltwalkers Monica Tse and Temple Brady in the Marin Headlands

Tall Tales: Who Is She? Where is This? What is Going On?

Another in the Tall Tales series


Flippant Venus Supine

Another in the Flippant Venus series

Mallows and Mesquite
From my trip to the Grand Canyon, April 2001

Old Stone Gate

Garrison, New York. Old farmers' walls in the woods are a favorite subject

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