Infospace: A Conceptual Model for Interacting with Information in a
Three-Dimensional Virtual Environment

Infospace White Paper (1988-93) Republished in .PDF format

Infospace White Paper (1988-93)
Web-based Hyperlinked version




Me v1.0 Me v2.0 Me v3.0 Me v4.0 My family's trip to Marvel Cave circa 1970
It's difficult to verify, but I believe that several famous
and infamous people are also present in this group portrait.

My first dog, Andy
The Coolest Vehicle Ever Manufactured on Earth<
Mr. TeeVee circa 1989
Label for my buddy Dan's Ale
My beloved 1973 100cc Hodaka Dirt Squirt
An 18" 270-Strut Tensegrity Sphere I Made From Scratch
CyberPort2000 - the Macintosh Desktop Background
Logo I made for all my ex-Frogdesign friends
My photoshopped tribute to Magritte
A very disturbing map of my home State from Scientific American
Science and Religion - Together at Last
A San Francisco poster I designed
I drew this on a fun trip to Chicago
I drew this truck being, ummm, sneaky
Inspired by Pink Floyd's "Sysyphus"
Never did make it to Ixtlan, but I did draw this
Spacism No. 1

October 1987 Cover of M-Aura"
Psychedelic Dutch Money
Hey, if it feels good...
Better Mice Through Science!
Bulls make money, Bears make money, Hogs lose their asses
Lidsville: The Epic Zipple Animation
Sam of the Sea
Rainbow over Palo Alto - Left Side / Looking East - Right End / Looking South
Memphis - The Lyin' Around King
Frida Kahlo American-Style!
Monkey Business
Christmas Tree Ornament From My Friends Wayne and Gayle

Long Ridge - Santa Cruz Mountains
Valentine Moon
The One True Fish

Hello Discipline
Springtime Beauty in Palo Alto
Annular Eclipse - June 10, 2002
View of San Francisco and Bay Area from Palo Alto's Foothills Park
The BLÖRT T-Shirt
Flaming Nazi Gasbag
Closeup of Insect on Flower
Cruella - Our Dear Leader - The Red Wedge
Expand The OBSESS Frontier in the New Annexed Conferences
Welcome To The New WELL Order
Memphis - The Lyin' Around King
Genetics Gone Horribly Awry
A Friend In Peep - The chow.ind Banner
Nice Pets
JIMWICh Mixed Nut Brittle
Corrected Logo for the new nearby hotel
I Want To Be A Penguin Wrangler
South Park Jim
Miles on his Hoverdonkey
Big Mama Migden
Oh yeah, tanning is a GREAT idea...
Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve - Photo and Painting



Timelapse Clouds Rolling In Over the Santa Cruz Mountains
Palo Alto, California - August 29, 2001 - 2.1Mb QuickTime .mov

World's Strangest Mayonnaise Commercial



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