My 30-Strut Soda Straw Tensegrity Sphere

In my search for other handmade tensegrity spheres and structures around the web, I had the great fortune to surf across George Hart's site. George has a wonderful page describing an incredibly simple and inexpensive way that anyone can start building tensegrity structures using only soda straws, paper clips, and rubber bands. I was so intrigued, I just had to build one for myself! I went to the local drugstore to pick up the few materials needed, and when there decided that I'd substitute miniature colored hairbands for the rubber bands described on George's page. I figured that they would last a bit longer than rubber bands and would also lend some color coding to the patternsin the sphere. I also thought I'd also experiment with making the struts shorter, 2.5" in length, in order to create a more compact sphere

My result was a 3.5" diameter 30-Strut sphere. It's a bit different from the one George shows on his page, and because of the shortness of the straws I used relative to the length of the hairbands, it's not as "bouncy" as George's probably is.

It is, however, a nice little sphere to sit on my monitor. I purposely used five colors - black, yellow, blue, white, and red - and distributed them in an even pattern throughout the sphere. the colored bands, the shiny silver paper clips, and the mostly white straws make for a very pleasing little sphere.

Build your very own tensegrity structure! See George Hart's amazingly cool Soda Straw Tensegrity Structures Page.


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